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Alex Custom Fit Golf Clubs

Fit with exacting precision and built with painstaking care and attention to detail to help golfers of all standards lower their scores and increase their enjoyment.

Alex Custom Fit is amongst the elite in the field of custom golf club fitting. Alex understands your game and more importantly, he understands you cannot unlock your full potential without equipment that is best suited to you. Golfers come in all shapes and sizes so the chances of finding an ‘off the shelf’ solution that is the perfect fit are very slim. Don’t alter your swing to suit the golf club, make sure the club is professionally fitted with exacting precision to suit your swing.

Consistency and performance is our goal

Alex Custom Fit goal is to take all the inconsistency out of your game. If you have missed your target, it should be from your swing, not your clubs.

Alex Custom Fit building your entire set, having a very tight set of tolerances and paying attention to all the details will provide you with a set of clubs that offer the most consistency and performance.

Alex Custom Fit uses Trackman because of its unsurpassed accuracy – to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Cost of Alex Custom Fit Golf Clubs

There is a long-standing myth that custom fitting your clubs is really expensive. This simply isn’t true — many golfers who visit me for the first time tell me of their frustration at buying the latest £500 driver or set of irons each year, hoping for a miracle, only to switch back to an older set or move onto a new club in a few months. Sound familiar?

Properly fitted clubs can actually save you money as they’re built to last many years. This allows you to enjoy the game instead of looking for the next quick fix.

 How Does a Golf Club Fitting Work?

While enjoying your next round on the course or practicing at a local driving range, take note of how your fellow golfers differ in size, shape, athletic build, and, most importantly, their swing. Every golfer has unique characteristics, some more perceptible than others. Mass produced clubs you find in a store aren’t made to fit each person’s shape and style. This can result in muscle pains and fatigue from uncomfortable clubs, and it can reduce your distance and accuracy. Golf club fitting can fix these problems.

Are you still buying clubs off the rack? Have your clubs custom fit to your swing to see the difference. Let Alex help you with your club fitting today. The difference between off the shelf clubs and Alex’s precision custom fit and built golf clubs is huge – you can be assured that you are playing to the very best of your ability, and gaining the most from your golf equipment.

Clubfitting is the process of being fitted according to all of your unique, individual swing characteristic – the 13 key specifications which determine your bespoke fit, can help you immeasurably in delivering more distance, more fairways and greens hit in regulation, a higher percentage of on centre shots, and greater shotmaking consistency to reduce the effect of mistakes in your swing.


The 12 specifications of professional custom fit golf clubs

  • Loft Angle: Each iron loft is adjusted to provide distance spacing between clubs. Drivers are fitted to the best launch angle for each golfer
  • Lie Angle: Measured during the fitting and adjusted for the individual
  • Face Angle: For drivers will be determined during fitting ball fight
  • Length: Measurement and swing tendencies for proper posture
  • Grip size: Measure hand and try different size grips for feel (customers preference)
  • Total weight: Based on launch monitor results comparing the different weights of shafts and heads
  • Swing weight / MOI. Based on final test club used for best fit. More about MOI here.
  • Shaft Flex: Based on swing speed, swing tempo and release (flex is based on frequency not letter on the shaft)
  • Shaft weight: Based on launch monitor data with players swing speed and tempo
  • Shaft bend profile: Based on ball flight with best launch angle and other factors to distance and consistency. Iron shafts will be frequency matched where this is possible (only applicable to parallel tipped shafts). Graphite shafts will be spine aligned and a FLO test (flat line oscillation) performed.
  • Shaft torque: Players swing speed, shaft loading with control and feel
  • Head weight: Based on impact of ball on face of club and consistency.

These are the 12 key fitting specifications that each need to be determined for each club in the bag for each golfer.

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Custom Fitting With  Alex.

Alex is driven in offering his clients the best custom fitting experience possible.

Alex uses Trackman because of its unsurpassed accuracy – to ensure you get the perfect fit. The system records data such as:

  • Club Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Ball Spin
  • Club Path
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Face Angle
  • Swing Path
  • Smash Factor

Using this data and combining it with your attributes Alex will give you a club specification including:

  • Club loft
  • Club lie angle
  • Club length
  • Shaft
  • Shaft flex
  • Shaft weight
  • Grip
  • Grip size
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Wishon Golf
Proto Concept
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Breakthrough Golf Technology
Wishon Golf
Proto Concept
Breakthrough Golf Technology
Wishon Golf
Proto Concept
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Breakthrough Golf Technology


  • PXG.   Stunning new PXG Gen 6 Drivers. More distance. More forgiveness. More Fun
  • Wishon Golf. The new look 919THI Driver retains the ultimate range of custom fit adaptability, designed with Wishon’s unique proprietary bendable hosel


  • PXG. Low-profile with a flat sole and squared face design ideal for golfers of every playing ability.
  • Wishon Golf – High performance fairway wood design with thin, high strength steel, high COR face is the 927HS

Hybrids and rescues

  • PXG Dialled in for distance and accuracy. Versatile and incredibly easy to get from any lie.
  • WishonGolf. New 319RS rail hybrids. Expanding upon the previous Wishon rail series hybrid design, the new 319RS features an updated look with brushed stainless steel aerodynamic twin rails to allow for enhanced smooth travel through tall grass and Bermuda type grasses while maintaining completely normal performance on short fairway turf.


  • PXG Since their inception PXG irons have maintained the thinnest face in golf and now with the Gen6 the face is even thinner.
  • Tom Wishon One length irons and the 585PC (Progressive Cavity) irons are the next generation of true forged carbon steel irons.
  • Proto Concept Premium Forged irons. Move over Miura. The best clubs in the world. Models suitable for all levels of golfers. Used by Lydia Ko..


  • Edison Wedges – Forgiving. Accurate. Versatile. Better. They continue  to shake up the status quo by delivering unmatched forgiveness without sacrificing one bit of shotmaking precision or versatility. 

Exotic shafts

Longer drives. Hole more puts.

  • Brava driver and fairway shafts from Breakthrough Golf Technology. Up to 10 yards longer than competitors. 
  • Stability Tour – golf’s most advanced putter shaft.


Alex also offers Repair and Refurbishment services including re-gripping, loft and lie check and Trackman check up. Read more about his Services here.

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