Wishon Golf clubs are exclusively custom fit by the world’s best and most experienced custom clubmakers.


Wishon Golf designs are created to only be custom fit to match to each golfer’s unique combination of size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics. To achieve that, Wishon Golf custom fit golf clubs are sold only by custom clubmakers with a depth of knowledge and experience who fit and build one club or set at a time for one golfer at a time.

If you’ve not achieved a satisfactory outcome from a previous fitting experience or if you wish to know more about Wishon custom fitting, please see this page.


In a nutshell: because we’ve the seen the results time and time again.

Next time you go to a golf course or driving range, take a moment to observe how golfers differ in their size, strength, athletic ability and most of all, in their swing characteristics. Then stop and consider how golf clubs have been sold to all these different golfers.

The vast majority of golfers but their golf clubs off the shelf in a retail store or pro shop, built to one series of standard specifications because it would be far too difficult for the golf companies to make all the different combinations of custom fitting specifications that golfers need. This “one size fits all” approach neglects the uniqueness of every golfer’s swing.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – professionally fit golf clubs custom built one clubs at a time for one golfer at a time for each of the 12 key fitting elements will allow you to play to the best of your ability and benefit the most from swing instruction. Any other so called form of fitting will fall short.

If you’re still playing with standard made clubs bought off the rack, you are definitely reducing your chance to be able to play to the best of your ability. As the leader in custom clubfitting design and technical research, Wishon Golf welcomes you to learn more about professional custom fitting and experience how it can help you play to the very best of your individual ability.


One of the most important club head specifications affecting accuracy is the lie angle of irons at impact.  You can make a perfect swing with the clubface square to the target line, and the ball will not end up on that line if the lie angle does not sole correctly at impact. That is why right-handed golfers hit draws when the ball is above your feet.

Too upright a lie will cause the ball to start left with a hooking action.   Correct lies where the club soles center at impact will start at the target line with no side spin.  Flat lies will cause the ball to start right with a slicing action.  Longer irons are typically too flat as the downward centrifugal action of the downswing causes these softer shafts to droop down.

The technique where an ink line is drawn on the back of the ball is better for dynamic lie fitting than using a lie board with tape on the sole of the iron. Plus the ink-line technique can also be done while hitting shots from normal mown grass lies so as to avoid having to hit the club down into a hard surface lie board, a practice which does bother some golfers and cause them to possibly swing differently than they do when hitting shots off grass.

The ink line on the back of the ball technique for dynamic lie fitting is simple and logical. A heavy ink line is drawn on the ball with a Sharpie pen. The ball is placed on the ground with the line vertical and facing the clubhead. After impact, a faint image of the ink line is transferred to the clubface. If the line is perfectly vertical on the clubface, the lie of the club is correct for the golfer. If the ink line tilts in an angle up toward the toe side of the face, the lie of the club that was hit is too upright so the correct lie has to be flatter than the lie of the club being hit. Vice versa — if the ink line angles up toward the heel side of the face, the correct lie has to be more upright than the lie of the test club.

Dynamic lie fitting is done as the last procedure in the fitting, using a test club(s) that possess every one of the golfer’s determined fitting specs for the clubhead model, length, shaft, swing weight and grip size. .


As with our clubhead designs, each Wishon Golf S2S golf shaft is custom designed to match very specific golfer swing characteristics. S2S stands for ‘Shaft to Swing’ to convey that each Wishon shaft is designed to employ precise shaft design specifications to match each golfer’s combination of clubhead speed, downswing transition force, swing tempo and point of release to achieve the best fit and performance.

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