919THI Drivers 


Superb Variable Thickness Face, >5000 MOI

19 times out of 20, the 919THI will show a higher smash factor than any other driver for the same on center hit impact position. 


  • 919THI Drivers available in both conventional finish and a Black Oxide finish – all designed with TWGT’s unique bendable hose
  • Variable Thickness Face with High MOI delivers the best off center hit performance in the game.
  • All 919THI drivers undergo 6 separate face thickness QC checks during production to ensure the highest conforming smash factor.
  • The 919THI is also available in a beautiful black oxide satin finish with a striking but subtle red top crown highlights for the most modern cosmetic appearance.
  • Available in conventional finish version in RH 9*, 11*, 13* and 15.5*.  LH in 11*. Black Oxide version in RH in 9*, 11* and 13*.

Price including fitting with Wishon Graphite shaft and Tour Velvet grip from £229.


Wishon 919 SHPR Drivers 


A classic players’ shape with CG position designed to shape the ball with more precision.


    • New 415cc swept back head shape profile with more forward and slightly higher CG to enhance ability to work the ball in a trajectory that is more commensurate with a penetrating, lower spin shot pattern
    • All 519SHPR drivers undergo six separate face thickness QC check during production to ensure the most consistent and highest CT and smash factor
    • The front sole area of the 519SHPR is designed with less face to back radius to allow easier measurement of head specifications for fitting accuracy
    • Finished in all Black Oxide with Cool Matte Black Crown. Available in RH in 9° and 11°.

Price including fitting with Wishon Graphite shaft and Tour Velvet grip from £229.


919 F/D Drivers

A Superb Fitting Option for More Control on Tight Holes or more distance for second shots


The 919F/D Fairway Drivers are the answer for players looking for a high COR “mini-driver” or for a tee shot club for use on tight par-4 and par-5 holes for greater control without losing any distance normally achieved with a conventional high COR titanium driver. TWHT’s proprietary bendable hosel allows an extremely wide range in custom fitting specs for loft, lie and face angle.


  • Designed for the golfer who needs more control off the tee or wishes a much smaller size driver head.
  • Thin, variable thickness, high strength steel face for high 0.830 COR for maximum distance.
  • Bendable hosel for a wide range of fitting options for lie and face angle, +/-4* from spec.
  • Can also be played off the fairway by more skilled players who want every bit of second shot distance on long holes.
  • Available in RH in 11* and 14* lofts, cosmetically designed to complement the appearance of the 919THI Drivers.

Price including fitting with Wishon Graphite shaft and Tour Velvet grip from £195.

929HS Fairway woods. 

Shallow Face, High COR Face Design for Distance with Ease of Playability.

Bendable stainless steel hosel allows custom lie and face angle fitting. 


  • 304 Stainless Steel Hosel is separately welded to the body to enable ease in bending for a wide range of custom lie and face angle bending (+/-4*).
  • 31mm Shallow Face Height is ideal for golfers who play off firm, short grass fairways orfor golfers who need more confidence getting the ball well up to fly.
  • HS 350 High Strength Steel Thin Face allows for a high COR for increased ball speed and superb off center hit performance.
  • Reduced Face-to-Back Sole Width reduces the sole to ground contact for more consistent contact with the ball, even from the rough.
  • Available in RH in #2 (12°), #3 (14°), #4 (16.5°), #5 (18°), #7 (21.5°) and #9 (24.5°) in Left hand #3 (15°), #5 (18.5°) and #7 (21°)



Price including fitting with custom fit Wishon Graphite shaft and Tour Velvet grip  £149.

Exotic shafts available – prices on application.

365PF Fairway Woods

365PF offers the best combination of performance and value in an all investment cast woodhead design.


    • Progressive Fairway Wood Profile Design, Fit and Build as all Fairway Wood or as Combined Fairway and Hybrid Set Makeup.
    • The most versatile fairway wood design created. Head size and shape progresses gradually from traditional fairway wood in the #3 and 4 to slightly smaller fairway profile for the #5, to a slightly more narrow fairway to semi-broad hybrid in the #7 and 9.
    • Twin weight bores allows assembly from traditional fairways to hybrid lengths as desired for the golfer.
    • The highest smash factor found in a conventional investment cast steel head, achieved through TWGT’s metallurgical experience and knowledge. 3
    • Bendable hosel allows a range of +/-2º in the lie and the face angle. Hand Select for loft offers +/-1* options for each head model from its designed loft spec.
    • Available in RH in #3(15), #4(16.5), #5(18), #7(21) and #9(24.5).


Price including fitting with custom fit Wishon Graphite shaft and Tour Velvet grip  £99..

Price and Performance Pledge

Alex is so confident that you will be happy with the performance of your golf clubs fitted by him, that he pledges:

  1. if  in the first two months you are not happy with the clubs fitted and built by Alex, he will re-adjust the clubs or  rebuild the clubs without charge. 
  2. to match the price of any other authorised Wishon fitter in the UK.

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