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A game changer

Pro-Core is a micro damping technology designed to enhance all golf shafts to their full potential, this is achieved by applying damping properties and measured compression forces to the inner wall of a golf shaft at a predetermined compression point.

The Pro-Core weighs only 3 grams and has a special polymer formulated to provide extensive vibration damping properties when under compression in the shaft; and at only 3 grams has no negative impact on swing weight.


Extensively tested by club professionals, club fitters, and elite players using recognised launch monitors such as Trackman, GC2, and Flight Scope to measure the effectiveness of the Pro-Core system.

This data evidences the significant changes in dispersion, spin rate and distance, leading to more consistent flight performance.

With Pro-Core and our advanced compression fitting tool, you can tune your shafts performance characteristics specific to your swing style and desired playing requirements.


Solid feel & control

Achieve a much more solid feel at impact, greater consistency on ball strike and club head awareness, resulting in improved dispersion (both left and right) and distance control, average improvement with Pro-Core is 30%, that’s a big number!

Increased Ball Speed

Gain greater shaft stability and repeatability plus improved kinetic energy transfer at impact, resulting in more consistent distance on good and miss-hit shots.

You’ll also gain approximately 2% swing speed due to greater club awareness and confidence.

Reduced Vibration

Reduce impact fatigue especially through wrist and arms whilst improving sensory learning, particularly an advantage in putting.

Reduced vibration = cleaner contact and more accuracy to the target line.

Variable Spin Control

Increase or decrease the spin in any club in your bag, so if you need less in your driver or more in your irons, Pro-Core will apply this through its unique damping properties, and internal forces applied at strategic positioning inside of the shaft, resulting better control.

I’m a 10 handicap with a driver swing speed of 70mph. I was able to improve my contact and ball speed so that I now get 14 yards more carry. That’s a lot for me – looking forward to hitting it past my girl friends!

Frances Robertson

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