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Retro Fitting

You may not wish to invest in a new set of customfit clubs at this time.  

I understand. 

You are aware of the benefits of custom fit clubs, you want to know if they can make a real difference to your game, but you don’t want to fork out for a totally new set of clubs.

Can your existing clubs, or can the clubs you just bought off the shelf in a golf store or pro shop be custom fit to your swing and how you play?

Yes! For example

You like your clubs, however as you get older your clubhead speed is not what it was. I can help by fitting shafts which are a better match for your swing. 

You bought new clubs recently, however you are hitting shots consistently to the left or consistently to the right.  I can help. This is usually fixed by adjusting lie angles. 

You bought new clubs recently, however you are not hitting the ball in the middle of the clubface as consistently as you expectedI can help. This is usually fixed by altering the weight and/or of the clubs.

My shots are not as consistent with my wedges as my irons.I can help. Most wedges, that are not part of a full set, come with heavy stiff shafts, That’s fine if you are an elite player using heavy still shafts in your irons otherwise you should use change your wedge shafts to the same weight and flex as your irons.

The distances between irons are inconsistent eg I hit my 5 iron goes no further than my 6 iron. I can help. This is usually fixed by altering the lofts of your irons. 

Here are some things that I do which will help your distance and dispersion without breaking the bank!

  1. Change shafts to those which are a better fit for your swing – not only flex but weight, flex, bend-point and torque.
  2. Re-shaft your wedges to make them play the same as your irons. Top wedge brands mainly have heavy stiff steel shafts that can be double the shaft weight of your irons
  3. Swing weight changes to improve your distance and accuracy
  4. Change club length. Most clubs are too long for the majority of golfers to maximise distance and dispersion. A consistent on centre hit is more beneficial for most golfers than a marginal gain in clubhead speed with a longer shaft.
  5. Lie alterations. Your irons and wedges need to have the correct lie for your swing. If you tend to hit shots consistently to the left or to the right it may be the lie which needs adjustment
  6. loft adjustments to get consistent gaps between clubs.


Stability Putter Shafts

Why would any golfer, if they had a better option, trust their putter to a cheap steel shaft?

Stability Will Help You Make More Putts And Reduce 3-Putts With Better Distance Control The Very Next Time You Play.

Find out more about Stability Putter Shafts.


 I can advise lower handicap golfers with premium and tour grade, shaft upgrades to improve distance and dispersion.

Feel you are not getting the most out of your clubs? Arrange a review of your clubs with Alex.


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