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Stability Putter Shaft

Why would any golfer, if they had a better option, trust their putter to a cheap steel shaft?

Stability Will Help You Make More Putts And Reduce 3-Putts With Better Distance Control The Very Next Time You Play.

  • 56% of players tested said the Stability Shaft immediately improved their putting.
  • Steel putter shafts stress during the motion of the stroke. This in turn, results in the putter face not returning square to the target line. A square putter face at impact is the holy grail of the smooth, pendulum style stroke and steel shafts combined with today’s heavier putters are in direct conflict of achieving this.
  • The Stability shaft delivers your putter face squarer at impact so your putts stay more on line and replaces 50-year-old putter steel-shaft technology. You get improved feel without needing to change your stroke.
  • 100% USGA and R&A legal.

I’ve been in the golf business for a long time and during my time of 40+ years, I’ve seen hundreds of millions of dollars invested in golf equipment design. Even tees have migrated from wood to biodegradable. But one product that stands unchanged and unengineered is the putter shaft. BARNEY ADAMS


I absolutely love your product and completely believe in its technology. I couldn’t wait to use my new Stability shaft. You nailed it! My long putts got so much easier to control my distance but that’s not what surprised me the most. I couldn’t believe how well and on line my short putts felt off the face. WOW!


The Stability shaft has clearly eliminated one more variable—the wobble in the club head and that’s a technical improvement in golf equipment. The shaft is excellent!


:The steel putter shaft was designed over 50 years ago. It’s a basic steel pipe and was originally designed for putter heads that weighed considerably less than they do now.  Steel shafts are antiquated and have no technological improvement.


Putting represents approximately 46% of the strokes per round for the average golfer, so the putter is arguably the most important club in the golfer’s bag. Ask a golfer what they’d like to improve and you’ll likely hear “distance” or “consistency” (or both). We offer you the Stability putter shaft, the first purpose-built putter shaft designed specifically to improve performance (largely by improving consistency).Given the slow speeds and relatively short distances involved in putting, we’ve been asked, “Why? Does it really matter?”. If you want to putt better, more consistently, yes, it does. Here’s why:


The golfer’s primary goal is to deliver the putter face as squarely as possible to their intended target line when they impact the ball. The Stability shaft has proven, via extensive testing using the Quintic Ball Roll putter launch monitor system, that it delivers the face squarer to the target line, both in terms of average and range than a stock steel shaft, regardless of putter brand or model. These were the results with robots and humans, at different speeds and at different face impact points.


Stability Benefits:


The Stability Shaft delivers the face squarer at impact for improved accuracy & solid feel.  It also has a marginally lower launch for more predictable roll resulting in better distance control.


  • Squarer face angle delivery at impact than conventional putter shafts for more accuracy.


  • Less twisting of the putter head through impact, even on off-center hits for better feel and control.


  • Innovative, multi-material construction delivers less twist and flex during the putting motion improving both direction and Distance control.


  • The overall weight of the STABILITY shaft is the same as steel putter shafts but Pros and amateurs alike claim it has a more responsive, solid feel.


Stability Product Features: 


  • Stability has 3 tip sizes, 350, 375 & 390, which fit virtually any putter. The VAST majority of golfers will use a .370 tip.


  • Stability shaft configurations will also fit almost any bend profile.


  • The raw length of the shaft is 37 inches, which allows for a finished ​length of up to 40”.


How does Stability compare to the new Callaway/Odyssey EXO & Stroke Lab Bi-Matrix Shaft? 


The Stability putter shaft has changed the paradigm and other new putter shafts will soon follow. One is about to debut soon: The Odyssey EXO shaft. This is essentially an older design called “BiMatrix” now re-employed as a putter shaft with the intent of allowing the Odyssey designers to shift more weight to the ends of the putter, to allow for more counterbalancing. The design is a different take on a putter shaft than that of STABILITY and is specific to their putters. We’ll reserve any official judgements on the performance attributes for the moment other than to say that our initial comparative performance test results show that STABILITY is significantly better in these same, key performance categories.


  • The EXO & Stroke Lab putter lines have a simple “Bimatrix” construction of a graphite upper shaft and steel tip. It is counter-balanced with a 30g-45g weight. The concept is to use light graphite in the mid-section of the shaft to free up enough discretionary mass to add some extra weight to the putter head while using the counter-balance to restore the swing weight.
  • It is weaker in the “flex zone” than the BGT Stability shaft.
  • Their theory is that the counter weighting of their shaft/putter will make the putter more stable. However, the bi-matrix shaft may not be strong enough to control the heavier putter head. The distribution of the mass to the head and butt serves to destabilize the putter. It employs a weaker shaft to control more weighting on each end.




How Does Stability compare to the UST Frequency Filtered shaft? 


  • Developed to attempt to improve touch & feel, FF focuses on removing specific shaft vibration frequencies post-impact. It has been on the market for 10+/- years, with no changes to the technology.


  • The steel section makes up the bulk of the shaft, the connection assembly houses vibration-dampening materials. The graphite upper section is much shorter than the STABILITY shaft’s graphite section and has a different construction.


  • Their claim: “instantaneous feedback results in improved putting ability since the player learns to consistently stroke more putts on the sweet spot of the putter.


The STABILITY design intent was solely improving the key, measurable performance characteristics listed above. We don’t want to radically alter feel by removing vibrations. Feedback is important to a golfer, and through the years, the various shafts that have tried to radically alter feel have failed.




Who Plays Stability on Tour?


Stability is the fastest growing putter shaft on the PGA, Web.Com, Champions, European and LPGA Tours.  More players have switched to the Stability Putter Shaft on the above Tours than any other putter shaft in golf.




There is a scientific and a logical basis for employing a purpose-built putter shaft that represents a measureable improvement over existing technology to improve one’s putting consistency and performance. The fact that tour pros have begun to use the shaft (without any monetary incentive from us) validates this statement. And the shaft represents a sales opportunity with significant margin in an untapped market for any savvy club fitter or golf instructor. We’d like to help you make more money, and are confident that the Stability putter shaft offers you a great opportunity to do so.

“Delivers results for golfers of all skill levels.”



“Barney (Adams) is back with a unique putter shaft you have to try.”

Golf Digest


“Once you go to Stability, you don’t go back.”

Equipment Insider


Stability Shaft Voted Best Product Of 2018


Golf Aficionado Magazine

Stability Putter Shaft by BGT now available in UK at Alex Custom Fit.



Shaft only excluding installation: Original Model £185. Tour Model £199.

Installation using your existing grip: £25. Postage £5.99.

We can re-grip to your requirements, including all models of Superstroke. Discuss your exact requirements with Alex. 

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