Stability – Golfs Most Advanced Putter Shaft.

A Perfect Synergy Of Technology And Materials
To Improve Putting Performance.

A Perfect Synergy Of Technology And Materials To Improve Putting Performance

Break Through Golf, a new golf company led by Barney Adams former founder and CEO of Adams Golf lies in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Break Through Golfs’state of the art facility in Dallas utilizes the latest technology to develop and market the finest, most precise shafts available.

BGT has forever changed the way golfers look at putting when the Stability shafts were introduced. 


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Stability Tour Black

The Stability Tour Black is a premium putter shaft designed with a stealth black matte shaft and glossy branding. Each shaft will come with an authentication card and have a holographic, numbered seal to ensure its authenticity making it a true unique piece of art. Stability Black was built on the tour design platform; it will play and perform like the Stability Tour; which has a diameter and balance point closer to conventional steel and comes completely blackout looks to eliminate all line of sight distractions.

Stability Tour comes with a matte black Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating on the steel tip, which is extremely resistant to abrasion/wear, corrosion, impact strength and hardness.

Price £260


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Stability Tour Polar

The newest addition to BGT’s range. The Stability Tour2 Polar is designed with a crisp, clean look. Tour proven performance with exceptional accuracy and control.

13% streamlined over the original stability to provide a sleek look. Manufactured with 30% more high modulus graphite for a softer, responsive feel that is perfect for putting. 

Price £260

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Stability Carbon

Introducing golf’s first ever customisable putter shaft. With the new Stability Carbon you can

Customise to fit your game—length, connector colour, even tip finish.

Price £175


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