Alex Robertson Custom Fit

Clubs fitted using Trackman and built for maximum consistency and performance.

Reduce your handicap by 25%. That's 4 shots for a 16 handicap golfer!

Alex Robertson Custom Fit

Alex fits golfers for 13 specifications. Big Brands for only a few.

Suitable for men and women - seniors and juniors.

Professional Custom Fitting benefits golfers of all standards.

Alex Robertson Custom Fit

Unlike Big Brands Alex builds each club exactly to your specifications.

Industry research show Custom Fitting lowers handicaps by 25%

Alex Robertson Custom Fit

Better fit. Better made. Better value .

Improved distance and accuracy.

Lower scores. More fun!

Alex Robertson Custom Fit

5 Lydox Mill Cottages

Dairsie, Near St Andrews, KY15 4RN
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Alex Robertson is amongst the elite in the field of custom club fitting and custom club building.

Alex understands your game and more importantly he understands you cannot unlock your full potential without equipment that is best suited to you. Golfers come in all shapes and sizes so the chances of finding an ‘off the shelf’ solution that is the perfect fit are very slim. Don’t alter your swing to suit the golf club, make sure the club is professionally fitted to suit your swing .

He uses heads designed by Tom Wishon, the world leader in component club design. Tom is the only custom club designer whose designs have been used to win on the PGA Tour, the Champions Tour and in the Ryder Cup.

Each set is fitted and meticulously built one by one by Alex. He  endeavour to deliver the best possible club fitting experience.

Alex also offers Repair and Refurbishment services. Read more about his Services here.

When someone is fit for Wishon golf clubs by Alex their enjoyment of the game goes up and their handicap goes down.

The secret lies in how Alex fits and builds clubs to suit your swing.



Why Alex’s custom fit and built clubs are better than Big Brands.

Alex would like you to know what our custom built golf clubs involves and how it is VERY different from any other “fitting” you may have gone through as described by his mentor Tom Wishon.

Alex has been making clubs for me for some time now and what a difference to my game it has made. It’s not a one off custom fit and not a session where you tip up at the range, hit a few balls and the pro says yes that’s the one for you.

Alex is very thorough and a totally professional in his trade. Your custom fit session doesn’t end when you leave with your clubs. There is always the tweaks here and there whether it’s your lie angles need adjusting or perhaps you fancy having the grips replaced.

If you have never had a true proper custom fit session or have had one at one of the main golf retailers then you need to give this a go. Alex uses the latest in launch monitor technology and the numbers don’t lie.

Can’t recommend Alex high enough.

Andrew Keenan

The 12 myths of club fitting

  1. Modern Golf Clubs Hit the Ball Farther
  2. The Lower the Loft on Your Driver, The Farther the Ball will Go
  3. You Can’t Go Wrong if you Stick with Well Known Brand Name Clubs
  4. Your New Driver has a Larger Sweet Spot
  5. When I Buy a Club with an S-Flex Shaft I Know I am Getting a Stiff Flex
  6. The Faster You Swing, The Stiffer Your Shaft Should Be
  7. The Longer the Length of the Driver, The Farther You’ll Hit the Ball
  8. My Clubs are Just Like the Ones the Pros Use
  9. Women’s Clubs are Designed for Women Golfers
  10. I am not a Good Enough Golfer for Custom Fit Clubs to Matter
  11. I’ll Just Cut Down Some Clubs for my Kid; That’s Good Enough
  12. I was Custom Fit at the Big Golf Store (or Pro Shop or Online)

Download the full report: Tom Wishon’s 12 myths of club fitting that could wreck your game .


About Wishon Golf

When golfers think about the majority of golf club design innovations being marketed today – such as adjustable hosel drivers, milled faces on wedges, draw biased weighting, high COR hybrids and high COR irons – they tend to think of the “Big Brands”.  In fact everyone of these design innovations were first created by Wishon Golf’s founder, Tom Wishon.

Wishon Golf is a completely unique brand in the golf industry. Not only do they lead the industry in original clubhead innovation but they are the leader in custom clubfitting research.

Tom Wishon is the only designer from the custom clubmaking side of the golf industry whose clubhead designs have been used to win on the PGA Tour, the Champions Senior Tour and in Ryder Cup competition. He has designed and custom built the golf clubs used in competition by Scott Verplank, Bruce Lietzke, Ben Crenshaw, as well as the last set of clubs played by Payne Stewart before his tragic accident in 1999.

Tom is the also the author of 9 books within the field of golf club design, performance and clubfitting, in addition to hundreds of equipment related articles written for virtually every golf publication in the golf industry. As Terry McSweeney, Director of Communications for the PGA of America states, “Tom has the unique ability to communicate technical issues about golf equipment so non-technically minded people can easily understand and follow the subject”.

Two of Wishon’s books, The Search for the Perfect Golf Club and The Search for the Perfect Driver qualified for best-selling status and won successive Book of the Year awards in 2006 and 2007 from the International Network of Golf, the oldest and largest organization of golf industry media professionals in the world. Shortly after they were published, both books became a part of the curriculum for membership training in the PGA’s of Sweden, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

He is considered the ‘go-to guy’ by the equipment editors for many of the major consumer golf publications in their search for honest, marketing-free explanations about the technical performance of golf clubs. Jim Achenbach, equipment editory for Golfweek magazine has said, “Tom is the smartest person in the golf industry when it comes to golf clubs.”

As Tom stated in making his decision to establish his own company in 2003, “I completely respect the product design work of the large golf equipment companies. But my three decades in golf club R&D has proven without question that the best set of golf clubs any golfer will ever play will be a set of professionally custom fit golf clubs, and not a set of standard made clubs simply bought off the shelf. I am committed to educating golfers about the tangible, game improvement benefits of being professionally custom fit because I know this is the only way any golfer can hope to play to the best of their ability and benefit the most from swing instruction.”

What our clients say

Thank you again for all your excellent advice and help – I certainly feel that I have best set up equipment that I could have and although scores do not always reflect my improved level of confidence I expect that better scores will follow.
“Although club- fitter Alex Robertson denies being related to the legendary St Andrean described by Chambers as ‘ a ball- maker, Allan Robertson, who besides having the highest character for his wares , is reputed to be the best player in St Andrews and consequently in Scotland- I may as well add, in the world’, I from my own  experience can only rate Alex as the best in St Andrews .
His meticulous attention to detail ,even to the level of assessing the lie of each iron individually and unfailing wish to retest his adjustments to ensure that they work , are examples of his excellent service. That is why he is the first port of call for myself and many fellow golfers in Sr Andrews. “
Kindest regards

Clifford Godley


Alex is so confident that you will be happy with the performance of your golf clubs fitted by him, that he pledges:

  1. if  in the first two months you are not happy with the clubs fitted and built by Alex, he will re-adjust the clubs or  rebuild the clubs without charge. 
  2. to match the price of any other authorised Wishon fitter in the UK.

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