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Custom fitted clubs – for you and only you.

A custom built set of golf clubs will allow the individual to stand athletically correct for every club. An off the rack set can have incorrect lengths, lies, grip sizes, swing weights and even flex. Alex’s goal is to be sure every fitting parameter is addressed so you can play your best golf game ever from a singular athletic address position.

Why do Wishon clubs custom built clubs fitted by Alex perform so well ?
It’s simple, because Alex builds your clubs in his WorkShop. The process is from custom fit to custom build, no misinterpretation of the specifications. Alex puts together heads and shafts from the most complete range of shafts in the business to find out what suits. Then he builds the best performing club in his WorkShop, measured and built just for you.

Read more about fitting issues with Big Brands here.

Our custom clubs are made for you and only you. Each club is personalized for your swing and your ability based on a detailed analysis and testing custom clubs that are modified to adjust to your ability.

Many golfers believe only good players need custom fitting. Tour Pros, Club Champions, and so forth. Not true. Our experience is that the worse you play, up to a point, the more you benefit. If the average results of quality fitting customers improve their handicap by 25% from custom fitting, the higher your handicap the more you can improve.

During the golf swing the body has to turn, and the weight has to shift, but your hands are usually the key to your swing because they hold the club. The arms swing the hands and the club and the shoulders support the load of the arms, the hands and the club.The body has to turn to support the weight shift.

With this in mind how important do you think the weight, the length and the way the golf club balances might be? If the weight is wrong, if the length is wrong or if the balance point of the club is wrong it inhibits the body’s ability to swing the club. If the club is not adjusted for your athleticism and ability your body will be constantly out of sync and you can’t find the right rhythm and balance to perform at it’s maximum ability. Finding the right weight, length and balance in your club will allow you to timing and rhythm to synchronize your swing to use your natural ability to its maximum potential..

Alex can have you hitting more fairways, hitting more greens, putting & chipping better by fitting all of the clubs in your bag to your swing and athletic ability.

The Importance of Lie Angle

One of the most important club head specifications affecting accuracy is the lie angle of irons at impact.  You can make a perfect swing with the clubface square to the target line, and the ball will not end up on that line if the lie angle does not sole correctly at impact. That is why right-handed golfers hit draws when the ball is above your feet.

Too upright a lie will cause the ball to start left with a hooking action.   Correct lies where the club soles center at impact will start at the target line with no side spin.  Flat lies will cause the ball to start right with a slicing action.  Longer irons are typically too flat as the downward centrifugal action of the downswing causes these softer shafts to droop down.

The technique where an ink line is drawn on the back of the ball is better for dynamic lie fitting than using a lie board with tape on the sole of the iron. Plus the ink-line technique can also be done while hitting shots from normal mown grass lies so as to avoid having to hit the club down into a hard surface lie board, a practice which does bother some golfers and cause them to possibly swing differently than they do when hitting shots off grass.

The ink line on the back of the ball technique for dynamic lie fitting is simple and logical. A heavy ink line is drawn on the ball with a Sharpie pen. The ball is placed on the ground with the line vertical and facing the clubhead. After impact, a faint image of the ink line is transferred to the clubface. If the line is perfectly vertical on the clubface, the lie of the club is correct for the golfer. If the ink line tilts in an angle up toward the toe side of the face, the lie of the club that was hit is too upright so the correct lie has to be flatter than the lie of the club being hit. Vice versa — if the ink line angles up toward the heel side of the face, the correct lie has to be more upright than the lie of the test club.

Dynamic lie fitting is done as the last procedure in the fitting, using a test club(s) that possess every one of the golfer’s determined fitting specs for the clubhead model, length, shaft, swing weight and grip size. .

Wishon’s Unique S2S Fitting System provides the most accurate shaft match for you.

With Big Brands you and your fitter can choose from a small number of “stock” shafts. They provide for a reasonable fit for some golfers. However frequently golfers are having to accept second best.

Wishon Golf’s innovation in golf club design technology truly stands out through its custom designed S2S shaft fitting options.  Each S2S Shaft to Swing Fitting System proprietary shaft is designed for specific golfer swing characteristics of clubhead speed plus downswing transition force, downswing tempo and point of wrist-cock release.

Wishon’s S2S Shaft Fitting Software allows Alex to input each shaft related swing characteristic of any golfer to obtain the most accurate shaft fitting recommendation in golf from over 100 different options.

Fittings and Prices

Our clubs are excellent value..They are no more expensive than Big Brands.  There is nothing wrong with carrying less than 14 golf clubs. My goal is to work within your budget, getting you the most value I can at a price you can live with.

  1. Alex uses the best heads, shafts, grips, and fitting and clubmaking tools.
  2. You will be fitted for your optimal specs, and the clubs will be built to those specs.  Clubs made by Big Brands are frequently poorly built at the factory to custom spec’d orders. Clubs we build are actually built to your exact specifications with the tightest tolerances.
  3. Alex relies on long term customer satisfaction and relations than in making the quick sale. If any customer has a problem with his clubs, we will do everything possible to adjust them to work as promised, including re-shafting, changing grips, adjusting lofts and lies, and even changing heads.
  4. Clubs which fit you and are built to the highest standards will last you longer.   This will save you money by helping you stop buying clubs year in year out in search of the perfect clubs.  Your clubs will continue to pay dividends down the road as you know you’re playing with the right clubs.  My job is to take your equipment out of the equation.  You’ll know you’re playing with the right clubs, that there are no equipment induced mishits in your bag, and that you can focus on improving your golf game.

Lowering your golf handicap — what would you pay?

Information and prices on our custom fitted clubs here.

Price and Performance Pledge

Alex is so confident that you will be happy with the performance of your golf clubs fitted by him, that he pledges:

  1. if  in the first two months you are not happy with the clubs fitted and built by Alex, he will re-adjust the clubs or  rebuild the clubs without charge. 
  2. to match the price of any other authorised Wishon fitter in the UK

I’d love to hear from you!

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