Why Wishon Golf Fitting is better

Why our fitting is better than Big Brands

Tom Wishon clubs are designed for professional custom fitting providing your set with features such as

  • bendable hosels on woods and hybrids so that clubheads sits perfectly for you. Unique to Wishon.
  • the ability to alter head weights on ALL clubheads. Unique to Wishon.
  • the ability to alter lofts of each club independently to help provide ideal gaps between clubs. With short hitters that can mean creating an ideal set with 10 clubs. Unique to Wishon.
  • choice of swingweight or Moment of Inertia club set matching. Unique to Wishon.
  • choice of Sterling one length irons or progressive length irons. Unique to Wishon.
  • choice of 100+ shaft fitting options with Wishons S2S (Shaft to Swing).  Each S2S Shaft  is designed for specific golfer swing characteristics of clubhead speed plus downswing transition force, downswing tempo and point of wrist-cock release. Unique to Wishon
  • our S2S Shaft Fitting Software allows Alex to input each shaft related swing characteristic of any golfer to obtain the most accurate shaft fitting recommendation. Unique to Wishon.

As Tom Wishon Golf Technology is a much smaller business than Big Brands as  they are able to have more quality control checks in manufacturing to ensure unsurpassed quality. This means

  • woods are checked to ensure they are very close to the maximum COR level permitted by the R & A and USGA so that ball speed is maximised. In practice 9 out of 10 times Wishon heads are “hotter”.
  • more accurate lofts. Actual lofts with Big Brands may be  significantly different to spec. If you are fitted for a 11 degree driver you want to ensure that you get one that is within 10.5 to 11.5 degrees. Likewise if a 6 iron is 2 degree stronger than specified and the 7 iron 2 degrees weaker there could be a 20 yard gap between the clubs rather than 10 yards.
  • Once you have been fitted for your optimal specs, the clubs will be built exactly to those specs.  Custom fit clubs made by Big Brands are frequently inaccurately built at the factory.

The 13 specifications of professionally fitted golf clubs.

  •  Loft Angle: Each iron loft is adjusted to provide distance spacing between clubs. Drivers are fitted to the best launch angle for each golfer
  • Lie Angle: Measured during the fitting and adjusted for the individual
  • Face Angle: For drivers will be determined during fitting ball fight
  • Length: Measurement and swing tendencies for proper posture
  • Grip size: Measure hand and try different size grips for feel (customers preference)
  • Total weight: Based on launch monitor results comparing the different weights of shafts and heads
  • Swing weight / MOI. Based on final test club used for best fit. More about MOI here.
  • Shaft Flex: Based on swing speed, swing tempo and release (flex is based on frequency not letter on the shaft)
  • Shaft weight: Based on launch monitor data with players swing speed and tempo
  • Shaft bend profile: Based on ball flight with best launch angle and other factors to distance and consistency. Iron shafts will be frequency matched where this is possible (only applicable to parallel tipped shafts). Graphite shafts will be spine aligned and a FLO test (flat line oscillation) performed.
  • Shaft torque: Players swing speed, shaft loading with control and feel
  • Head weight: Based on impact of ball on face of club and consistency
  • Set makeup: Players need for distance spacing, type of courses and normal playing conditions. (example hybrids or long irons)


We use the Trackman for all our fittings.

What do you get with our custom fitted clubs?

  • Your swing speed and tempo will be measured and the right shaft matched to it. Increased performance and consistency
  • Clubs of the right length to allow for correct posture and more centre hits
  • Clubs with the right swing weight to allow you to swing freely and on the right path and plane
  • Grips to fit your hands, no need to make your hands fit the grip!
  • Set made up to suit your strengths, i.e. combination sets, blades, cavities, rescues etc.
  • The right loft of driver to maximise your carry
  • Correctly fitted clubs will promote more centre strikes
  • Modified iron lofts and shaft kick point to suit your ball flight
  • The industry average is a handicap reduction of 25% when playing with fitted clubs
  • The right shaft can add 25 yards to your drives
  • The right shaft in your irons can help you find more greens
  • Reducing the weight of clubs can increase swing speeds
  • Reducing club lengths can increase swing speeds!
  • Heads come with a 2 degree tolerance in manufacture; all clubs will be bent individually to fit you
  • Lofts modified to suit your ball flight
  • You’ll get a multiple choice of grips and ferrules to personalise your set
  • Alex assembles all clubs, by hand!.

Wishon invests in club design. We invest in the fitting and build.

Alex uses the best shafts, grips, and fitting and clubmaking tools.

Wishon clubs are of the highest possible performance and quality. Wishon does not pay stars to endorse their clubs. With Big Brands approximately 25% – over £100 in the case of a driver – is needed to fund huge player endorsement and advertising costs. We put the money into the product and the fitting. We rely on long term satisfaction to spread the word.

Clubs which fit you and are built to the highest standards will last you longer.   We will save you money by helping you stop buying clubs year in year out in search of the perfect clubs.   Our job is to take your equipment out of the equation.  You’ll know you’re playing with the right clubs, that there are no equipment induced mishits in your bag, and that you can focus on improving your golf game.

Lowering your golf handicap — what would you pay?

Our clubs are excellent value. They are no more expensive than Big Brands.

Information and prices on our custom fitted clubs here.


The Phantom Fitting v Alex Robertson Fitting

The Phantom Fitting

The fittings offered by a pro shop or golf shop in which only a couple of the 13 key fitting specs are included and each one only for a limited range in fitting options – and this would be only for one or a handful of the clubs in the set, not for all 14 clubs.

An adjustable driver with the adjustable hosel piece that only offers a +/- 1.5* change in the lie and face angle plus a selection of R or S within one shaft model. This might be considered to be better than no fitting at all where the clubs are strictly bought off the rack, but it does not constitute a fitting for maximum game improvement. Not even close. The “phantom fitting”  – you think you got fit but it was chiefly smoke and mirrors.

The Alex Robertson Fitting

The golfer goes through a full swing analysis with Alex and personal consultation to assess the golfer’s fitting requirements and game improvement needs. Launch monitor is used , previous club specs are measured and analyzed for cause and effect for the golfer’s game improvement problems. The golfer hits various test clubs offered by the Alex on the basis of the his analysis of the golfer. All 13 key fitting specs for each one of the 13 woods, irons, wedges is custom fit and custom built for the golfer. Usually takes at least two separate fitting sessions – one to analyze and do test club hitting to obtain feedback, then a second one to finalize the fitting specs.


Which Fitting is more likely to reduce your handicap?

How do I get started on ordering a custom built set of golf clubs?

It starts by giving Alex a call. We will need to set up an appointment for the fitting and work through the extensive interview to find out what will be the best approach to get your golfing handicap down and your enjoyment of the game up. Give Alex a call today at 07500 818141 or use our contact form.

Price and Performance Pledge

Alex is so confident that you will be happy with the performance of your golf clubs fitted by him, that he pledges:

  1. if  in the first two months you are not happy with the clubs fitted and built by Alex, he will re-adjust the clubs or  rebuild the clubs without charge. 
  2. to match the price of any other authorised Wishon fitter in the UK.


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